Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Administration Tools for MSSQL, mySQL and ORACLE written in PHP or ASP

Here is a list with free admin tools for oracle, mySQL and MSSQL, scripts which are written in php. If you know other similar scripts than post a comment and I will add them in this list :)

Adminer ( mySQL / Oracle / MSSQL / PostgreSQL, SQLLite )

Oracle commander ( Oracle )

phpOracleAdmin ( Oracle )

phpOracleView ( Oracle )

myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2000 ( MSSQL )

SQL Web Data Administrator ( MSSQL )

1 Click DB : Open Source Web Database Administration Software

chive ( mySQL )

phpmsadmin ( MSSQL )

phpmyadmin ( mySQL )


  1. Awesome. I am glad to know about so many tools for Oracle written in php. I am also having some scripts that I will definitely share with you. But thanks a lot for all these amazing options.
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  3. dbForge Studio for Oracle ( is the best oracle ide ever.