Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Scripts and Word Lists resources for Dictionary Applications.

PHP Scripts

PHP Dictionary class 1.0

PHP lib_dictionary 1.1.1

PHP dictionary

Maran PHP Dictionary Scripts - English Romanian Text File DB

PHP Classes Text spell checking based only in PHP code

Files ( txt or xml )

Different Technical DictionariesLink

Wörterbuch 2 English German Drupal Translations

Words List in different languages

Small English - French - German Dictionary in txt file

Small Feudal Dictionary in txt file

Drupal Technical Terms Dictionary

Small English German Dictionary in txt file

CSV English German Dictionary Terms

The kengdic (ezcorean korean-English dictionary)

Wiktionary dictionaries for StarDict (many Languages)

Kevin's Word List Page

Universal dictionary databas English Spanish

English wordlist (DOS format)Link

Collaborative International Dictionary of English in XML files

Dictionary Terms for PHP Functions

Thursday, June 2, 2011

17 Cool Apps for you Android System

YouTube ( Video App )

xPiano ( Music App )

Sonorox Sequencer ( Music App )

FxCamera ( Camera App FX )

Retro Camera ( Camera App FX )

Best Wallpapers HD

Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl Beta) ( Gallery App )

 ( Weather App )

FunMirror ( Camera App FX )

Öffi - Public Transport Buddy ( Public Transport App )

Firefox ( Browser App )

Facebook for Android ( Facebook App )

Alarm Clock Xtreme

ASTRO File Manager ( File Manager App )

Ghost Commander File Manager ( File Manager App )

Advanced Task Killer ( Task Manager App )

Vignette Demo ( Camera App FX )